Block printed Fabric, the popular and unobtainable result of textile printing

Creating imprints of different patterns over the cotton, linen or silk textile with the help of wooden blocks is an old form of art. Initially, this block printed fabric was manufactured by the skilled artisans by their hands only. But with the technology advancements, the process of printing is completed with the machines.

The process to block print fabric involves drawing the design on the wood to prepare the block patterns. Post this, the designs is carved with the help of the needle or the chisel, hammer, file, etc.

In order to block print fabric by yard, the entire fabric is laid on the flat tables over which the patterns will be imprinted with the help of the help of the blocks dipped in the dyes. The printing process is slow and can be done by the skilled artisans.

Unobtainable form of art and textile printing.

Textile printing has taken many forms from time to time.  The art to create the and carve out the neat block print fabric by yard is a matter of precision. Being the slowest form of textile printing, the ultimate yield of the processed textile printing is highly artistic.

Very uncommon and unobtainable form of textile printing that gives ornamental effects to the fabric.At different times, modifications to even this form of art was made. Of these the two, tobying and rainbowing are of much importance.

The art of block printing has a different relevance in different cultures. To block print fabric by yard is about the ornamentation by drawing and creating repetitive patterns or motifs. Generally, the most common form of hand block printing is carried in one single color. For the colorful patterns, blocks are carved for individual designs and each is colored separately.

The popular block printed fabric!

The high quality and the designs of this block print fabric by yard makes it famous and popular. The demand for the fabric is high all over the world. The pleasing prints builds the high demand for the fabric in urban parts of India.

The subtle yet attractive block print fabric is used to manufacture and design the Indian ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar-Kameez for women and Kurtas for men. The traditional cultured prints are very alluring and hence, they are used in the interior designing as well.


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