Get the best block printed fabric by yard from leading manufacturer on Jaipur

Are you searching for a perfect handmade printed block fabric, then, Jaipur is the correct destination to meet your expectation and fulfil your requirements.

Create a different identity with block print fabric

The use of wooden blocks in block print fabric is a traditional affair and it has been still giving effort to preserve the essence of the ancient culture through modifying its technique and yet alluring people. In a properly printed fabric, the colour is bonded with the fibre for better colour lock during washing and maintaining durability due to friction. There are various methods of woodblock printing like hand block printing, perrotine printing, stencil and so on, but the unique block printed fabric designs can be best obtained from the ancient woodblock print. You can choose any material for your cloth or a suitable fabric and the experts are there to groom your fabric with the special designs carved out on the wood that reflects the uniqueness and when it gets mixed with vibrant colours, the block print fabric looks so mesmerising that you can hardly imagine. The block printed fabric was earlier done through hands but with the advancement of technology specialised machines have been introduced to reduce the burden and also increase the efficiency of the textile printing.

The richness of woodblocks print

You will get the best products of block print fabric by yard in Shivalaya Jaipur that will supply you with the original products with very fine and meticulous designs of hand printing, hand knotting and handcrafting. They specialise in hand block printed cotton fabric and other textiles. You can get variety designs and different styles especially chosen to allure you and satisfy your needs. This brand deals in the fine fabric with woodblock prints and is the largest exporter of hand block printed fabric and block print fabric by yard. These fabrics have become a must have fabric for the teeming millions and people are demanding such fabrics off and on. This woodblock print is the most primitive trend and it is famous for the beautiful artwork that fascinates not only the Indian users but also has won hearts around the globe. This hand carved wood block prints are very popular and famous and they create magical impressions in everyone’s mind. The richness is so well defined that you can see it in every thread of the fabric and you will love to wear it.


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